Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stack-It-Up Sunday, September 28, 2014

On Sundays I like to share some of the random piles of books around my house. I originally posted about my piles on this celebration post. I'm sure you have stacks of books piled around and as I like to say...
Each pile has its own story.

Here is the "return to library" pile. Sadly I did not read all of them.

I picked these up at the library this week! Plan to read them today!

TJ has been reading these three favorites over and over again all week. 

Molly finished This Journal Belongs to Ratchet this week and LOVED it! 

Here is my bedside table stack. The two on the bottom are Brown Girl Dreaming (LOVING IT!) and Mystery of the Eagle's Nest. Does anyone else remove the jackets while they are reading? They bug me a little. 

Then there is my car.
Thanks to my super-awesome nerdy friend Susan Dee I have new-to-us graphic novels to bring to school tomorrow! I got these from her last week when we met up for a wonderful dinner and they are still in my trunk. 

In my front seat. I literally ran into my public library before it closed yesterday afternoon to grab Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. I get to read it to a first grade class tomorrow. 

What's In YOUR Stacks?

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