Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Review of Mystery of the Eagle's Nest-Cooper and Packrat #2

Mystery of the Eagle's Nest-Cooper and Packrat #2
by Tamra Wight
Illustrated by Carl DiRocco
Published by Islandport Press
August 2014
180 pages
Middle Grade
Disclosure: Review copy provided by publisher

Goodreads Summary
Did you know that people buy and sell eagle feathers, claws, and parts? Cooper and Packrat didn't, either. But they're learning fast. When the boys find a box of valuable eagle parts, they soon realize that the owner will stop at nothing to get them back, in this fast-paced middle-grade mystery from Tamra Wight.

Trouble has returned to Wilder Family Campground. When Cooper and Packrat find their geo-cache box full of illegal eagle parts, their lazy summer is over. Someone wants those valuable parts back. And if they can't get the parts back, they'll settle for holding one of the rare Pine Lake eaglets hostage instead. Cooper, Packrat, and Roy must elude two goons, tolerate an annoying teenager, keep tabs on a shady new camper, and stake out the eagle's nest -- all without getting grounded. Tamra Wight has written an exciting follow-up to "Mystery on Pine Lake," ripe with adventure and natural history, but above all, a tale of compassion and friendship.

My Thoughts
This series is perfect for middle graders. The friendship that Wight has developed, among the characters, throughout the first book and this installment seems genuine and students will enjoy watching how they work together. I live in Maine and I am very familiar with our campgrounds and our beautiful lakes and forests. Wight's love for Maine's natural environment shines through in her writing.  I also learned a lot about eagles by reading this book. Did you know that it is very rare for a female eagle to hatch more than two eaglets at a time? Me either! 
In this book Cooper, Packrat and their friends must face many dangers and work together in order to save the eaglets from capture. Like most mysteries, you think you know "whodunnit" but then there are surprising twists near the end.  Children ages 7-10 will enjoy this book (and the series). 

Cooper and Packrat: Mystery of the Eagle's Nest is available now. Be sure to check out the first book, Cooper and Packrat: Mystery at Pine Lake. 

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