Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday-The Long, Long Journey: The Godwit's Amazing Migration

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by Sandra Markle
Illustrated by Mia Posada
Published by Millbrook Press 2013

This book starts with the birth of a little, female godwit chick in Alaska. It then chronicles her development and finally her 8 day, often perilous, migration flight to the mudflats of New Zealand. Accompanied by Mia Posada's beautiful illustrations, The Long, Long Journey is full of facts about this little bird. The most amazing to me was that they fly for 8 days without stopping-unbelievable! My partner teacher read it to my 4th graders last week and used a world map to show the path from Alaska to New Zealand. The kids were awestruck and filled with questions. There is an author's  note and further reading suggestions in the back of the book. 

Use this book....
*as part of a unit of study on animals or animal adaptive behaviors.
*as a mentor text for nonfiction writing. 
*to spark interest during a research unit. 

This neat video shows the flight path of the godwits. 
More info about these amazing birds here


  1. This sounds wonderful! I didn't know I was interested in bird migration until I read Philip Hoose's Moonbird. I stopped a dozen times reading that book to share amazing facts with my husband. I'm going to have to order this book for sure. Loved hearing about the 4th graders' curiosity and interest!

  2. I just love Sandra Markle's books! I also think this one has such a beautiful cover. Thanks for sharing the book and the resources!

  3. Interesting book - thanks for the resources, too.

  4. I've seen this another time, & still haven't read it. It just looks awesome, Gigi! Thanks for the review!

  5. I love books like these that truly awaken the sense of wonder in children. The art looks gorgeous too.