Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's Monday, What Are You Reading-September 22, 2014

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Bramble and Maggie: Spooky Season
by Jessie Haas
Illustrated by Alison Friend
A cute early chapter book series for girls who love horses. 
A more detailed review to come. 

by Raina Telgemeier
Another terrific graphic novel based on Raina's early life. 
Sure to be a hit with fans of Smile and Drama

Finished Listening...
by John Green
Ok, now I get it. This is a book that stays with you. Unfortunately, I listened to it in the car on the way to work so I had to pull myself together before entering the building. 

Currently Reading...

Currently Listening...

What are YOU Reading Friends?


  1. I was not a fan of TFIOS. I just couldn't get past how unrealistic it was to me, but then again, two of my neighbors and my sister's close friend died of childhood cancer.

    Right now, I'm reading Isla and the Happily Ever After, and later in the week, I plan to read some review copies.

    Has Woodson any good? I have a copy of Feathers on my desk from my YA class, but we ended up never reading it because the prof didn't like it and Woodson backed out of her appearance at the last minute.

    Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

    1. Very sad news about your neighbors. I love Woodson's writing. Brown Girl Dreaming is a novel in verse and so far is wonderful. I appreciate your visit and comments Erin.

  2. I can't wait ti hear about Brown Girl Dreaming!

  3. Loving Brown Girl Dreaming. I'm reading verrrry slowly--a few pages a day. Wanting it to last! Too funny--yours is the second Monday post I've seen today with a Bramble & Maggie title. I have a lot of girls in my Children's Lit class who want books about girls & horses, so I'm thrilled to discover this series that I can recommend.

  4. I have not read Brown Girl yet but have read only amazing reviews.I read Eleanor and Park this weekend and LOVED it. Yes, I would question a thing or two (like why he never visited) but a great read.

  5. Oh gosh - listening to Fault in Our Stars had to be difficult - crying and driving!!! I loved Sisters, and so do my students. Brown Girl Dreaming is SOOOOO good!

  6. I still need to get Sisters, but otherwise have read TFIOS & Brown Girl Dreaming-both so good. I've also read Out of The Dust & The Worst Hard Time (adult about the dust bowl)-can't imagine living through that time. Great books, Gigi! I'll look for Bramble & Maggie books, too!

  7. The third time today reading about Sisters. Guess that's a sign. I finished Brown Girl Dreaming and loved it. Woodson is a wonderful writer and her story is interesting. I love verse novels. This is a fine example of one done well.

  8. I just finished Brown Girl Dreaming. Just amazing. I love when authors can take something so simple and make it into extraordinary.
    I'm happy to see your first commenter say she didn't care for TFIOS. I didn't either and I always feel I get the wrath of Nerdy members when I say that :) I had trouble with the deep philosophical way they spoke to each other. I just don't see high schoolers talking that way???
    Hope you have great week!

  9. I just purchased tickets for our family to go see Raina Telgemeier here in Vancouver. We will pick up a signed copy of Sisters there! My daughter is thrilled. Can't wait to get Brown Girl Dreaming. I loved TFIOS - such a beautiful read.

    1. I am so jealous that you get to see Raina Telgemeier. Have a great time!

  10. I have read and loved all of these books except the new to me Bramble and Maggie. I just saw that in someone else's It's Monday post. I guess I will have to find a copy. ;)

  11. Wasn't a fan of TFIOS... the characters were too quirky and I'm not a fan of sad books. brown girl dreaming was interesting, but I don't know how well it will go over with students. Found it interesting that my daughter is working with a Lead Abatement grant for her internship. I found that part the most intriguing!