Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trainbots by Miranda Paul

by Miranda Paul
Illustrated by Shane McG
Published June 2016
Little Bee Books
32 Pages
F&G Provided by publisher

Goodreads Summary
The Trainbots are drawing, sawing, and building to get Toybots ready for kids to play with. But it looks as if the Badbots are sneaking and scheming to sabotage the delivery! Luckily, the Trainbots use their engineering skills to outsmart the Badbots in this rhyming battle of good versus evil.

My Thoughts
Robots and trains together? I can't think of anything kids would like more! This story is very cute and kids are going to love it. The trainbots are adorable, colorful and friendly-looking. The badbots are the villians, but even they are not too scary for little ones. 

With simple, rhyming text and lots of "ing" verbs, Miranda Paul creates the story where the trainbots use their engineering skills to solve the problem of the badbots trying to take over the train. She does not shy away from using terms that might be new for kids. 

Here are a few vocabulary words they will have the opportunity to learn:
clamor, guilding, tender, unassuming, teeming, prevailing, platform, hitch, hopper, flats, engineering

The ending is interesting and shows young readers how they might use their imaginations when they play. 
I would recommend Trainbots for grades Pre-K-2.

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