Thursday, August 18, 2016

Peekaboo Pals by Becky Davies

Toddlers and preschoolers are a unique group of readers. They love books and listening to stories. They are also quite hard on paper books as they have not figured out how to gently turn the pages. I remember when my children were toddlers. Many of our beloved picture books at home have rips that are taped together. 

I'd like to share three concept books in a new series for toddlers that has books that have thick covers like board books and sturdy pages that are thinner than board book pages, but can better withstand a toddler's repeated handling. They also help teach concepts that toddlers and preschoolers are ready for in a fun and interactive way.

Peekaboo Pals A to ZPeekaboo Pals 123 and Peekaboo Pals Opposites

Goodreads Summary
In Peekaboo Pals: A to Z, children will lift the flaps and be amused by the silly antics of the animals while learning their ABC’s. From an alligator admiring some art to a zebra catching some z’s, each letter of the alphabet is presented in an accessible way so that kids ages 3 and up will not only learn but also laugh as they turn the pages.
Goodreads Summary
It’s time for the Animal Antics Race! Who will be the first to the finish line? In Peekaboo Pals: 123, children will lift the flaps and be amused by the hilarious antics of the animals as they make their way to the checkered flag. Will the winner be three gorillas in a gondola, twelve bears on a bus, twenty turtles on a train, or another team vying for victory? Young learners will delight in the silly animals on these pages and learn how to count from 1 to 100.

Goodreads Summary

Who is flying high one moment, only to come down low the next? Who is quiet with anticipation of a loud celebration? InPeekaboo Pals: Opposites, children will lift the flaps and be delighted by the amusing antics of the illustrated animals while learning about opposites. Colorful illustrations and flaps with hidden surprises underneath will keep youngsters engaged as they learn.

My Thoughts
I wish I'd had these books when my kids were younger. Kids LOVE lift-the-flap books! Each book in this series offers big, colorful illustrations and at least one sturdy flap on each page. They are bigger than board books (8.5 x 9 inches), but not quite as big as most picture books. Little ones will enjoy learning the alphabet, counting to 20 (and the by 10's to 100) and opposites as they interact with these fun books. 

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