Monday, October 14, 2013

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?- October 14, 2013

Please visit the amazing blogs: Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers who host this terrific meme each week.

Please click on the picture to go to the book's page on Goodreads to learn more about it.

Picture Book
On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein
by Jennifer Berne
Illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky
This nonfiction picture book is a terrific overview of Einstein's life and contributions.  Check back on Wed. for my review. 

Poetry for Young People: Langston Hughes
Edited by David Roessel and Arnold Rampersad
Illustrated by Benny Andrews
I was happy to stumble upon this book at the library.  I love Langston Hughes' poetry.  This book is great because it offers some behind the scenes information about the chosen poems. 

Middle Grade
Timmy Failure #1: Mistakes Were Made
by Stephan Pastis
Overall, I really liked this book and I know many kids will love it. It is silliness and beyond.  If you can get past that, the story is cute. Fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid have a new series. 

Professional Book
Reading in the Wild: The Book Whisperer's Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits
by Donalyn Miller with Susan Kelley
Yes, it is as amazing as you would think.  Just buy it, you won't regret it. 

Currently Reading
Sunny Sweet is So NOT Sorry
by Jennifer Ann Mann

What's Next?

No sure yet, but I have some great choices on my TBR pile. 

What Are You Reading Friends?

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  1. Can't wait to read Reading in the Wild! It is in the mail... :) Happy reading week to you!

  2. Some kid lost my Timmy Failure book. I am sure they are just not looking very hard or it. Come on, it had a bright red cover! Very clever book. I am looking forward to getting a copy of Reading in the Wild. I know it will be a great guide to share with teachers.

  3. I have debated on buying Timmy Failure. Is 4th grade too young for it? Can't wait to read Reading in the Wild!

  4. I think 4th grade is perfect. Fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Big Nate would like it, but it is long so they would need to stick to it.

  5. Ummm... did I mention I'm JEALOUS you have READING IN THE WILD? ;)

    I will read any book that has Langston Hughes in the title. He is my favorite poet.

    1. Ha! I was definitely very lucky to win a copy while Donalyn was here.

  6. I loved On a Beam of Light. Can't wait to read Reading the the Wild! (But that seems to be a common theme here.)

  7. On a Beam of Light is a favourite for me! So beautiful and wonderfully accessible. And yes, please add me to the Reading in the Wild want to read club!

  8. Love, love, love On a Beam of Light. That's a must-carry to every PD I lead about mentor texts!

  9. Can't wait to read On a Beam of Light and Timothy Failure: Mistakes Were Made looks like a good addition to our library. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I loved On a Beam of Light too and am echoing the jealousy about Reading in the Wild. Can't wait!

  11. Loved On A Beam of Light-just special. I want to read Donalyn's book, but it won't be soon-am doing 3 other PD books now with teachers, so... But it's definitely on my list! Thanks, Gigi!

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