Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wonder-ful Reading part 2

Another Wonder-ful week of reading Wonder
Click here for the last installment. 

The students are really enjoying Wonder. As of this post, we have read just past "The Summer Table". Many students have purchased a copy on their e-readers so they can follow along or read ahead.  Here are a few activities that are happening to enhance the experience.


Our Wonder Kidblog
A huge thank you to Mrs. Sedenka for setting up our Wonder account.  The blog has been a great way for our classes to communicate and share thoughts on the book. Here is a particularly insightful post from one of our 4th graders.

Riley J
January 15, 2013 at 6:49 PM
Mine were sad, anxious, filled with laughter, and happy. I was thinking, and if I hear something like that, than it makes me so courageous. I think now hearing that book, I can now hold my head up high and to not be afraid to try new things…this book can really make changes to many peoples lives…including my own life. 

My class has also been responding to the book in their read aloud notebooks.  Here is an example of a student listing her feelings while listening to the book and what she predicts August has been feeling so far. 

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