Friday, October 13, 2017

Spotlight On: BE QUIET! by Ryan Higgins

by Ryan Higgins
Published April, 2017
40 Pages
Obtained from public library

Goodreads Summary
All Rupert the mouse wants is to star in a beautiful, wordless picture book. One that's visually stimulating! With scenic pictures! And style! He has plenty of ideas about what makes a great book, but his friends just WON'T. STOP. TALKING. 
Children and adults alike will chuckle at this comedic take on bookmaking from acclaimed author-illustrator Ryan T. Higgins.

Quick Thoughts
File this one under books that beg to be read aloud over and over again! How can you create a wordless book when the characters won't BE QUIET!? Rupert grows more and more exasperated as his friends try to "help" him with his book.
It is just hilarious and will appeal to readers in Pre-K through elementary grades. I will definitely be adding it to my collection.

Not surprisingly, BE QUIET! has earned many accolades. Look at all these starred reviews!

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  1. Love Ryan Higgins! Hoping to have him come do an author visit at our school in the spring!

  2. Sounds hilarious! May have to borrow it from you.