Friday, January 1, 2016

National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry

National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry: Mare than 200 Poems with Photographs that Float, ZOOM and Bloom!
Edited by J. Patrick Lewis
Published Oct. 2015
National Geographic Children's Books
192 Pages
Review copy provided by publisher

Former Poet Laureate, J. Patrick Lewis has assembled an incredible compilation of poetry in this breathtaking book. Using a combination of classical poetry from poets such as Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and William Butler Yeats as well as contemporary poets such as Nikki Grimes, Laura Purdie Salas and Jack Prelutsky exposes young readers to a wide variety of poetic styles. 
Of course, National Geographic is known for its gorgeous nature photographs and they are absolutely beautiful! Each poem is printed right on the photograph as though it belongs there. 

This large volume is organized with sections titled:
~The Wonders of Nature
~In the Sky
~In the Sea
~On the Move
~Across the Land
~In Shade
~In Distress
~In Season
~In Splendor
~Last Thoughts

In the classroom, I can imagine using this book in many ways:
~Integrate poems into life science units
~Compare and contrast poems about the same topic
~Compare and contrast different poems by the same author
~Write poems after looking at nature photography

This book is a must-have for any classroom's library. 

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  1. I was a judge for the Round one of CYBILS in poetry and we placed this book high on our list. See the results here.