Friday, December 27, 2013

Celebrations-Christmas and My Wonderful Mother-in-Law

Every week, Ruth Ayres over at Discover. Play. Build. invites people to share celebrations from their week.  Please visit and consider linking up your own celebration. 

What a great vacation week it has been so far!  I hope you all have much to celebrate. 

Here are my celebrations for this week in no particular order. 

1. Christmas!  
I love Christmas.  I think I love it even more because my kiddos are still small enough to see the wonder and magic of the holiday. I celebrated last week that my seven year old son TJ participated in decorating the tree for the first time ever.  Now I am celebrating the fact that this year he loved opening presents! Every time he opened a present he would say "Merry Christmas" in his little, sweet voice. It was so adorable. I am also celebrating that my middle school daughter still wanted dolls for Christmas.  I am so glad she is not in a rush to grow up.

2. My amazing mother-in-law!  
I have to say that I have THE best mother-in-law in the entire world, hands down.  I am celebrating that she is here for the week. She plays with the kids, helps around the house, lets my husband and I go on a date and, most importantly, tells me to go back to bed when TJ rises at 5:00.  We all love having her around, she just completes the family. 

3. A day with my boy!  
We have been cooped up inside a lot this week due to the ice storm and several smaller snow events. Yesterday I got to take TJ to some of his favorite places, my school, the library, Burger King and the coffee shop.  It was so nice to have a slow-paced, relaxing day together.  

My adorable coffee date. 

What are you celebrating friends?


  1. What a wonderful celebration! I have a great mother-in-law, too. She is like a best friend to me. She is even part of my writing group. I love hearing how your son has embraced Christmas this year. Have a Happy New year!

  2. Your week sounds full of good things, Gigi-so happy to hear! Teachers do need a good break, don't we? Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. I am so excited about your day with your son. Now THAT is something to celebrate!

  4. Fun stuff happening! I enjoyed having my cousin's wife tell me during the Christmas that I don't need to worry, she would take care of the dishes! That was a best gift ever for me! Wishing you a few more fun filled days before school begins again. Happy New Year!

  5. You have much to celebrate, Gigi. Wishing you many more happy, blessed days!