Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Picture Book Review- Clara's Crazy Curls

Clara's Crazy Curls
by Helen Poole
Expected Publication date of January 1, 2014
Picture Window Books
Format: Picture Book
Genre: Fiction
Disclosure: This book was obtained through for review. 

Clara has the most extraordinary, beautiful, big, curly hair.  She loves her hair and even uses it to store her school supplies . In an attempt to grow the tallest hair in the world, Clara uses a "big hair" product and makes a wish before she goes to sleep one night. To her delight, the wish comes true. However, she soon discovers that with big hair, comes big problems. 

My Thoughts
I thought this picture book was very cute.  I really love the simplistic, cheerful style of Poole's illustrations. She has illustrated many children's books, puzzles and greeting cards.  There is not much text on each page and the book is written in a rhyming scheme. The story is a classic tale of "the grass is not always greener".  I think kids will relate to Clara's desire to have the tallest hair in the world and will find the effects of the tall hair entertaining. For example, she needs to sit in the back of the classroom near an open window so her lofty hair can flow outside.  It would recommend this book for kids around ages 3-8.  

Use this book...
*as a mentor text for summarizing, predicting and cause/effect.
*to discuss wishes.

Companion Text

Please visit Helen Poole's Website to learn more about her work. 

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