Friday, June 30, 2017

Two New Picture Books by Linda Ragsdale

How I Did It!
by Linda Ragsdale
Illustrated by Anoosha Syed
Published April 2017
Flower Pot Press
32 pages
Picture Book
Review Copy Provided by publisher

Goodreads Summary
This encouraging tale about a daring letter in the alphabet who wants to stand out uses clever play on words to deliver a message about creativity, individuality, and following your dreams!

My Thoughts
Cute, cute CUTE! The letter "I" wants to have the freedom to have curves and change his shape. He wriggles around until he finally breaks free of the page. When he falls off the book, he has to take a hard look at himself and problem solve. 
The book is chocked full of fun alphabet and punctuation puns.
The illustrations are lively and simple, done in bold colors that kids will love. The illustrator has managed to create emotions of the faces of the alphabet characters, even the grumpy ones are cute.

I would recommend it to grades 1-4.

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by Linda Ragsdale
Illustrated by Martina Hogan
Published 2017
Flower Pot Press
Picture Book
Review Copy Provided by publisher

This book is the second in the Peace Dragon series (I have not read the first). This book invites the reader to have fun with putting words together. The author describes the book as "...a playful take on empowering our vocabulary with hilarious words that encompass the best qualities, thoughts and emotions we can imagine, in order to create a dictionary like no other." 

My Thoughts
This book will have children manipulating words into their own fun language. Maybe they could even make their own dictionary. 
The illustrations are bold and fun with interesting fonts and colors. The animal characters are just adorable and add to the book's appeal. 

Fan of Amy Krouse Rosenthal's Exclamation Mark will enjoy How I Did It! I would recommend it for grades K-4.  

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