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Before I Wake Up by Britta Teckentrup

Before I Wake Up 
by Britta Teckentrup
Published April, 2016
Prestel Publishing
56 pages
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Goodreads Summary
Created by the world-renowned children's author and illustrator Britta Teckentrup, this dreamy, colorful nighttime journey will captivate and soothe young children
everywhere. A young girl falls asleep and travels in her dreams through the sky, down to the ocean's depths, and into a jungle. She is accompanied by a lion friend, who eases her fears, gives her confidence, and helps her explore the world around her. Along
the way she meets whales, jellyfish, grizzly bears and wolves. Then it is time for the moon balloon to take the girl home to her bed, where she awakes, snuggled safely next to the lion, who returns to being a stuffed toy. Award-winning children's illustrator Britta Teckentrup's collage-like artwork creates a magical world of captivating colors, classic shapes, and softly detailed textures. The gently told story reassures children that they are never alone, even in their dreams. Exquisitely produced, this book is certain to become a pre-bedtime favorite for children and their parents. 

My Thoughts
Before I wake up is a sweet bedtime story of a little girl who dreams of animal friends and far off lands. In her dream, the girl, who narrates the story in rhyming verse, finds her special lion friend who makes her feel safe and confident. Together they fly in a hot air balloon, glide on a boat, plays in the forest, and dive in the ocean. 

The illustrations are excellent and start off dark with many layers of muted collage. As the dawn comes, the pages get gradually lighter and brighter until the girl awakens to a bright new day. 

Before I Wake Up reassures young readers that they are safe as they sleep and that the excitement of a new day awaits them when they wake up. I would recommend it for ages 3-6.

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