Friday, February 26, 2016

The Typewriter by Bill Thomson

by Bill Thomson
Expected publication March 1, 2016
Two Lions 
Fiction Picture Book
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Goodreads Summary
Using just nine words, the award-winning creator of Chalk takes readers on another unforgettable journey. When three children discover a typewriter on a carousel, they are transported on an adventure of their own creation—complete with a giant beach ball and a threatening crab. Stunning, richly colored artwork is paired with limited text so children can tell their own version of the story. 

My Thoughts
What a fun book! Bill Thomson's illustrations are so incredibly detailed and filled with light and shadows that they could easily be mistaken for photographs. Each page is filled top to bottom with color. I felt as though I was right in the book playing with the kids. 

While it is not completely wordless, there are only a few words in this book, the words the kids type. When the children type a word on this magical typewriter, whatever they type magically appears. I can see many students loving this idea and having a ton of fun with it. I immediately wanted to share this book with my students and give them time to write and share about what they would type and what would happen to them. 
I would recommend The Typewriter for grades K-4. 

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