Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Vermont by Toni Buzzeo

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Vermont
by Toni Buzzeo
Illustrated by Liza Woodruff
Published October, 2015
Sterling Publishing
32 Pages
Review copy provided by publisher

Grace gets to visit her cousin Camden and tour New England for 12 days. Each day cousin Camden gives her something related to the state they are in. Grace writes letters back to her Mom and Dad about her trip which tell the story and provide the reader with interesting information about each of the New England states. 

My Thoughts
   Don't let this little picture book fool you, it is much more than just an adorable story of two cousins touring New England. Toni Buzzeo naturally weaves in information about each state in a way that the readers will barely notice they are learning about each state. As a lifelong New Englander, I can tell you that Buzzeo and Woodruff do a fabulous job together presenting information and capturing the feel of New England in the winter. There are also things that I learned about New England. Did you that Rocky Hill Connecticut has a state park called Dinosaur State Park with large prehistoric animals and hundreds of fossilized tracks? Me either!

   I would definitely recommend this books for any child ages 5-9 (publisher's range). It will definitely be reading to to my 4th graders. It would make a great addition to a classroom library or a gift for a New England child or a relative "from away".  

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