Monday, April 27, 2015

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? April 27, 2015

Please visit the amazing blogs: Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers who host this terrific meme each week.

Here are the books I read this week. Click on the covers to learn more about them.

Great message in this book. Review soon. 

Very fun read!
Visit on Tuesday for a review of the final 
book in the Amelia's Notebook series. 

Gorgeous book!
Will share more on Nonfiction Wednesday this week. 

A humorous way to see how a child can view 
the arrival of a new sibling. 
Review soon. 

Almost done listening to

Rereading (slowly)

What Are YOU Reading Friends?


  1. I saw The Sky Painter on several lists this morning. I need to mark it as "To Read"!

  2. Love those Notebooks! Yes, What Readers Really Do is a book to be read slowly - dense ideas, and thought provoking concepts.

  3. Sky Painter is one that I am really eager to read. Rodeo Red look super fun.

  4. What Readers Really Do is such a thought provoking book. It is one of those professional books that we want to reread this summer. There are so many important ideas in it. We put Sky Painter on our "to read" list. Thanks

  5. I do want to read The Sky Painter, love all Margarita's books, & know it will be good. Thanks, Gigi.

  6. I've already got The Luck Uglies and Sky Painter on my to read list. After reading your review and the comments here, I think I have to add What Readers Really Do.

  7. I love reading Rodeo Red with a great southern accent :) Such great word choice!

  8. I absolutely loved The Sky Painter. I have an interview scheduled with Margarita on my blog on Thursday.

  9. I look forward to more details about Sky Painter. It looks lovely!

  10. My 13 year old girl is crazy over Marissa Moss' Amelia's notebooks - I didn't know about this particular title though. I shall hunt this down for her. I am a fan of EVERYTHING that Margarita Engle writes. I shall have to find Sky Painter!