Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Favorite Nonfiction Picture Books of 2014


Today I am using my post for two 2014 challenge link ups, Nonfiction Picture Book on Kid Lit Frenzy and my end of year summary of my Must Read in 2014 list organized by Carrie Gelson from There's a Book for That, Linda Baie from Teacher Dance and Maria Selke from Maria's Melange.

Yesterday I posted my favorite fiction picture books of 2014. On this Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday, I'd like to share my favorite nonfiction picture books of the year. 

Here they are in no particular order. 

by H. Joseph Hopkins

by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page

by Katherine Applegate
Illustrated by G. Brian Karas

by Alan Robinowitz
Illustrated by Catia Chien

by Arun Gandhi and Bethany Hegadus
Illustrated by Evan Turk

by Jen Bryant
Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

My Must Read in 2014 Reflection
Back in January of 2014 I joined this link up with several others as we tried to whittle down our TBR lists. I included several books I had been wanting and meaning to read for some time. Here is my original list. 
The good news is I have read ten books on my list. The bad news is I did not read four of them. Here are my still unread "must reads".

 I did not read as many books this year (only 170ish compared to 340 last year). I have started Kate Messner's Real Revision, but I will not finish it by tonight. The rest are still books I want to read....maybe this will be the year.

Happy New Year Friends!


  1. I'm not going to make it for the non-fiction reads this year, perhaps tomorrow, Gigi. I loved all your pics, but The Right Word remains my very favorite! I did post for our Must Reads in 2015. I didn't do so well, only half of my list. Maybe this next year, starting tomorrow! Have a wonderful last day in 2014!

  2. We share many of the same favourites! What a year in nonfiction! So pleased you could also share your #MustReadin2014 update. Again apologies for not being able to host a place to share these - my shoulder is in a lot of pain. I am visiting blogs for 5 minutes here and there and that's about all I can do. Every Day After is a fantastic novel - when you can get to it, I think you will really enjoy!

  3. I almost picked the Ghandi book. So good! It's so hard to narrow down favorites. I put The Boy and the Jaguar and The Right Word on mine, too. I totally forgot about Ivan. Ugh! That's a great one. Tree Lady is wonderful, too. I only read 1/2 my Must Read. :-(

  4. The Right Word is definitely one I want to read! I could even get a signed copy at my local bookstore!

    I really enjoyed Seven Stories Up :)