Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stack-It-Up Sunday-November 2, 2014

On Sundays I like to share some of the random piles of books around my house. I originally posted about my piles on this celebration post.  Along with showing everyone how messy my house is, I like to share because each pile has its own story.

Here are this week's stacks.
I got these books from my public library on my Friday visit. Sophie's Squash is for my partner teacher as she begins a long demo of decomposition by observing a pumpkin. Great mentor text for that! 

This is the stack of books I brought in to me supervision meeting this week. Hoping to read or reread all of them this school year. 

TJ's current stack. He has moved some of his faves to the car.

Beside my chair in my reading nook are a mixture of books to read and/or review. 
Molly is in two plays this fall/winter. Her scripts sit on the kitchen counter, where else? 

What do you have in your stacks? 


  1. I also have multiple stacks around the house. In my daughter's stack is a mix of chapter books from the library including Ever After High and Geronimo Stilton. I have several stacks of books I'm reading both for pleasure and review. Currently Dean Koontz tops my library book stack on my headboard. My son is reading a few books I've finished reading for review that I thought he'd like. I think he's either finishing or has just finished reading a book entitled "You" that he said was crazy creepy good. I could write for hours about the stacks of books in my house so I'll stop here. :-)

    1. They are like accents to the decor. Every home needs piles of books!