Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mary had a Sleepy and Faux Paw by Julia Dweck

by Julia Dweck
Illustrated by Wilson Williams, Jr.
Published 2013 by Xist Publishing
Kindle Edition provided by author in exchange for my honest thoughts

This book follows the familiar pattern of the classic Mary had a Little Lamb nursery rhyme, but this time Mary has a whole different problem-Mary's sheep won't wake up. Mary tries everything to wake him including turning on bright lights, spraying water from the hose, playing loud music and taking him dancing. Each of these attempts to wake him are accompanied by illustrations that are fun and silly that will entertain young kiddos. Does she ever wake him? Sorry, I won't tell.  
As a fun activity, kids are invited to find Whiskers the mouse on each page.  The author also provides information about the true story of Mary had a little Lamb and activity pages at the end of the book. 
Kids in Preschool-Grade 1 will have a lot of fun with Mary had a Sleepy Sheep. It would be a nice addition to a nursery rhyme unit. 

Faux Paw 
by Julia Dweck Illustrated by Wilson Williams, Jr.
Published 2013 by Xist Publishing
Kindle edition provided by the author in exchange for my honest thoughts

Faux Paw is an adorable book about a little boy named Walden Bear who decided that he wanted to be a bear when he grew up. Although his teacher, Mrs. Hunter, said it was impossible, his supportive mother told him he could be whatever he wanted to be, dressed him up as a bear and sent him off to school. While at school he reads about bears, digs up the school yard while scavenging for food and "hibernates" during nap time. 
The next day the rest of the class comes all dressed up. When the teacher arrives to a classroom full of little "animals" she quits her job. She is then replaced by a teacher who lets the students be who (or what) they want to be. 
The cartoonish illustrations are really sweet. The back of the book contains a page of interesting facts about bears and an animal print matching activity. In my opinion, students in preschool-grade 2 would enjoy this book. 

Visit Julia Dweck's website for more info about her books. 

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