Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Student Review of Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to NOT Reading by Tommy Greenwald

 Published by Roaring Book Press
224 Pages

      Middle schooler Charlie Joe Jackson will do anything to avoid reading a book. In fact, he gives his friend Timmy McGibney an ice-cream sandwich per day just for Timmy to tell him what happens in a book he’s assigned to read.

      This book is about Charlie Joe’s adventurous middle school year, along with 25 of his tips to avoid reading. Some of things that happen to Charlie Joe include getting back stabbed by his friend, avoiding reading, and making one of his best friends Jake Katz really, really happy.

      Charlie Joe is famous for not reading. He has only read one book when he was younger, The Giving Tree. He has not read a book cover to cover ever since then.

     This book was really good. I liked it because Charlie Joe goes through a really big adventure of middle school, and making good and bad choices. 

      One shocking event in Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading is when Charlie Joe gets back stabbed by his friend Timmy McGibney. What happened was Charlie Joe's mom, and Timmy’s mom find out about the ice cream sandwich deal because of one of Charlie’s stupid choices. Both boys get grounded. Then Timmy purposely gets a girlfriend. Her name is Hannah Spivero. She has been Charlie Joe’s crush ever since Kindergarten, and Timmy knows that. That is one of the best events in the book.

      That is my review and thoughts on Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading. For more Charlie Joe, read Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Extra Credit and Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Summer Vacation. 

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  1. Michael,

    Great review of Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to NOT Reading! I loved Charlie's rules for not reading....which always surprises people since I'm crazy about reading! I think he is a great character that lots if readers can identify with.

    Thanks for this fun review!

    Happy Reading!