Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Student Review of Jeremy Bender vs the Cupcake Cadets


  Review by Isabelle 
By Eric Luper
Ages 9-12
Publisher: Balzer + Bray                   
Copyright 2011
240 pages
I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars

When six grade boy, Jeremy Bender, damages his fathers prized Chris Craft boat with some grape soda he has to somehow get money to fix it.  It cost about $475 and he does not have enough to pay for the repairs. He and his best friend, Slater, have to find a way to get the money.  When they saw a poster that you could win $500 by winning a model boat race Jeremy and Slater got super excited until they saw that it is for Cupcake Cadets ONLY( Cupcake Cadets is a club for girls). Jeremy tries to convince Slater to join Cupcake Cadets, but Slater says it is a bad idea.

When they decide to try it, they sneak into Ruthies room and change into some cupcake cadet uniforms from Jeremys sister Ruthie because she was a Cupcake Cadet a long time ago.
They do not want anyone to find out they are boys because they wont be able to try to win the money. 

They end up making a lot of messes and mistakes. One of their mistakes is when they wanted to make some pie to earn a badge but it turns out to be a catastrophe. When they bring it to the next meeting everyone was throwing up and saying it was terrible because it was as hard as a rock. When they go camping there are three girls to a tent but no one wants to sleep with them. All the girls made a deal with Margaret that they will sell the rest of her cupcakes if she shares a tent with Jenna and Samantha (Jeremy and Slater). 

     I will tell you it is a great book to read. I wont tell you the ending though. If you like adventures I think you would love this book as much as I do. I hope you enjoy it too!  :)

Here is a book trailer for Jeremy Bender vs the Cupcake Cadets.


  1. I hope this review gets some people interested in reading Jeremy Bender, I love this book! It makes a great read aloud too :)

  2. I will definitely recommend this book to my students. thanks, Isabelle!