Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Monday Oct. 22

Please visit the amazing blog: Teach Mentor Texts 
who host this terrific meme each week. 

This Week I finished reading.... 
Jeremy Bender and the Cupcake Cadets     
by Eric Luper
A very cute book about determination, misconceptions and a little vanilla frosting.  

Next Week I plan to finish...
Small as an Elephant by Jennifer Richard Jacobson
LOVING this one so far!
What Are You Reading?


  1. Jeremy Bender sounds like something my ten year old daughter would love. Will look for it in our library.

  2. Jeremy Bender does really well at my middle school library. When my son was 12, he SO could have impersonated a girl-- he had hair down to his shoulders!

  3. Yes, I'm sure middle schoolers would love it and relate to the characters. Dressing up as a girl always gets a laugh too :)