Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Somebunny Loves Me by Perry Gripp

Somebunny Loves Me 
by Perry Gripp
Published December 2017
National Geographic Kids

Goodreads Summary
This adorable new title from Emmy Award-winning singer-songwriter (and animal lover) Parry Gripp shows us the magical world of furry friendship and teaches young readers to be kind to animals of all shapes and sizes.

Through adorable, uplifting photographs, and sweet, silly text, kids will learn not only how to interact with animals, but also just what makes you a good friend for your fuzzy, feathered, or scaly new bud. This fun book will inspire young animal lovers to understand their perfect new pal, giving kids lessons on being gentle with pets, making sure to care and love them, how to be patient, and more. Lyrical text illustrates the fun and companionship that dogs, cats, lizards, fish, rabbits, and all sorts of animal friends can offer. Parents and families considering or who've just gotten a new pet will have fun sharing and learning all about animals together. Plus, turn each page and sing along with Parry with an original song and music video!

My Thoughts
Oh my cuteness! This book is beyond adorable. With a variety of animals from turtles to fish to bunnies (of course) there is an animal for everyone here. Each gorgeous photograph is accompanied by a simple rhyming poem on a solid brightly colored background. 
I think my favorite picture was the guinea pig eating a cucumber, or maybe the little brown bunny snacking on lettuce oh forget it, it's too hard to choose. I can see this book being read over and over again with with lots of "awww's". 

               Picture taken by me. 

Watch the trailer.

Somebunny Loves Me would make a great gift for Valentines Day or Easter or just to give your favorite animal lover. Ages preschool-age 7. 

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