Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cap'N Rex His Clever Crew

Cap'N Rex His Clever Crew
by Henry L. Hertz
Illustrated by Benjamin Schipper
Published August 2017
Sterling Children's Books
32 pages

Goodreads Summary
Shiver me timbers! It's the DINOSAUR PIRATES!
Meet Captain Rex and his band of buccaneers. These dinosaur pirates sail the seven seas in search of buried treasure, but whenever they hit an obstacle—like a giant shark or pea-soup fog—the crew members are quick to say they can’t overcome. To this, Captain Rex just glares with teeth bared and says, “CAN’T YE?” And, somehow, the crew always comes up with a clever solution.
A delightful story about using one’s creativity and individual strengths to solve problems. It will encourage kids everywhere to think and say, “I can!”

My Thoughts
You better practice your pirate accent before reading this book to kids or you might have a mutiny on your hands. It is chocked full of piratey lingo such as booty, plunder, balay, and shiver me timbers of course. I am an avid fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so I was familiar with most of the language, but thankfully there is a glossary in the back of the book. 

I liked how all of the pirate dinosaurs had their own set of skills to put to use to get to the treasure. This is a great example of team work. There is also a fun twist at the end. 
Grab this one for your little buccaneer!

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