Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nonfiction Wednesday-Can an Aardvark Bark? by Melissa Stewart and Steve Jenkins

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Can an Aardvark Bark? by Melissa Stewart and Steve Jenkins
Published June 2017
Beach Lane Books
32 Pages
Review copy provided by publisher

Goodreads Summary
From award-winning author Melissa Stewart and Caldecott honoree Steve Jenkins comes a noisy nonfiction exploration of the many sounds animals make.

Can an aardvark bark? No, but it can grunt. Lots of other animals grunt too…
Barks, grunts, squeals—animals make all kinds of sounds to communicate and express themselves. With a growling salamander and a whining porcupine, bellowing giraffes and laughing gorillas, this boisterous book is chock-full of fun and interesting facts and is sure to be a favorite of even the youngest animal enthusiasts.

My Thoughts
Talk about a dream team?! Nonfiction royalty, Melissa Stewart and Steve Jenkins, have teamed up to bring us this wonderful book about animal sounds and there is so much to love about it! 

I love the cover with its little ants marching along the bottom. If you open the book up, you can see the front and back of the aardvark. 

I love the repetitive pattern: Can a giraffe laugh? No, but it can bellow. Lots of other animals bellow too. This structure gives the book a nice flow and helps readers to know what is coming.

I love the facts. Readers learn about different animal sounds presented in just a few sentences. Did you know that a baby beaver whines to let its mother know that it is hungry? 

I love the illustrations. Steve Jenkins is a genius, plain and simple. 
Image from Simon and Schuster Website. 

I would highly recommend Can and Aardvark Bark for any classroom or school library. With its simple, yet informative text and engaging illustrations, it will appeal to a wide age-range. 

But, don't take my word for it, watch this adorable book trailer created by kids! 

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  1. Two of my very favorite nonfiction writers!! I need to get my hands on this. Thanks for the recommendation-your posts are always so informative!

  2. It's a wonderful book, and you're right, Sweet and Jenkins are a 'dream team', Gigi. Thanks for the trailer, too. I don't think I've seen it.

  3. I'm so excited for this!! I'll pretty much pick up anything with Jenkins' name on it! :-D

  4. This was such a perfect book! I feel like I can use this one as a mentor text for so many things.

  5. I enjoyed this one too! I reviewed it this week also. I'm they do make a great team.