Thursday, October 20, 2016

This book is out of control! by Richard Byrne

This book is out of control! 
by Richard Byrne
Published Oct. 4, 2016
Henry Holt and Co. 
32 Pages
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Goodreads Summary
In this follow-up to This book just ate my dog! and We’re in the wrong book!, Bella and Ben and that adorable dog are back for another (mis)adventure.

Ben has a new remote-controlled toy; it has all kinds of buttons—Up, Down, Siren, Spin. He and Bella try pressing each one, but the remote doesn't seem to be working . . . at least, not on the toy. As things go haywire on the page, Bella and Ben realize their book is out of control! With a remote on the fritz, it'll take the help of the reader to put things right in this interactive story.

My Thoughts
Like the others in this series, this interactive book is loads of fun!
Kids will go crazy as they see what happens each time Ben presses a button on the remote for his new firetruck toy. The author invites the reader to help straighten things out by pushing the buttons on the page.
The characters are super-cute with large freckly faces and smaller bodies. The adorable, rotund dog is fun to watch as the story unfolds.
Kids will ask for This Book is Out of Control to be read over and over again. I would recommend it for ages 2-6. 
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