Sunday, June 8, 2014

Stack-It-Up Sunday-June 8, 2014

I love for Sundays to be lazy days focused on home and family so I don't normally do a big post. However, I like to share the random piles of books around my house. I originally posted about my piles on this celebration post. I'm sure you have stacks of books piled around and as I like to say...
Each pile has its own story.

These two stacks are from our library visit yesterday. Molly was excited about the Maximum Ride graphic novel. 

These are on the kitchen counter. I got Outside the Box from the library and my librarian insisted I read Sea Legs. How could I refuse? 

This is TJ's stack of current favorites. 

These stacks are a mixture of library books that need to be returned, books that I want to cover and summer reading.
What's the story behind your stacks?

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