Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Classroom Idea- Host a Book Release Party!

My 4th graders and I eagerly awaited the release of the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book- The Third Wheel.  

Leading up to the release, we discussed the books, checked a countdown clock daily and planned a celebration event. 

Yesterday, the release date, the students practically erupted when they saw the Scholastic box holding these much anticipated books.    
Our celebration consisted of many things.  

First, I did a read aloud of the beginning of the book as I held it under my document camera so everyone could see the pictures.

 Next, we had a "read in" time in our library.  The students could read alone, with a partner or small group. Many ordered the new book, but those that did not, choose from the many Wimpy Kid books that the students brought to school. 

Following this, we were treated to refreshments organized by our AMAZING parent volunteers, complete with decorations!!

The end of the day consisted of a drawing lesson online by the author, Jeff Kinney.  Check out our drawings of Greg Heffley!

 It was such a fun celebration!  Events like this that get students excited about books are important in motivating students to read!
What are some events you have had that 
celebrate books and reading?

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