Friday, July 13, 2018

How to Trick the Tooth Fairy by Erin Danielle Russell and Jennifer Hansen Rolli

How to Trick the Tooth Fairy 
by Erin Danielle Russell 
Illustrated by Jennifer Hansen Rolli 
Published May, 2018
Alladin (Simon and Schuster)
40 pages
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Goodreads Summary
Kaylee loves pulling pranks: from dropping water balloons on passers by to even tricking Santa Claus, she’s a prize-winning prankster!
But is she the Princess of Pranks? No! That title is held by none other than the Tooth Fairy. But when Kaylee loses a tooth and the Tooth Fairy goes about her usual tooth-taking business, Kaylee pranks her with a fake frog. As Kaylee and the Tooth Fairy try to out-prank one another, things get way out of hand, until the two finally see eye and eye and decide to share the crown!

My Thoughts
It is really fun to watch Kaylee and the Tooth Fairy prank each other back and forth. Neither wants to be out-pranked so each prank getting messier and messier.  I do wish there had been a more dialogue between the two, but there is a bit of talking provided in speech bubbles. 
The illustrations are terrific. The characters are charming and include a variety of ethnicities. The Tooth Fairy is whimsical and glittery with pink hair and a silver dress. The cover has real sparkles and the end pages are gorgeous. 

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I wonder if this book would encourage kids to try to pull a prank the Tooth Fairy the next time they lose a tooth? 
I would recommend it for ages 4-8. 

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