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Dog Days of History by Sarah Albee

Dog Days of History 
by Sarah Albee
Published March, 2018
National Geographic Kids
112 Pages
Review copy provided by Media Masters

Goodreads Summary
What is it we love about dogs so much? From ancient times to the present, dogs have guarded us, worked with us, marched off to war with us, and of course, just sat on the couch with us for a cuddle. Throughout the course of human history, this partnership deepened from dogs doing a service into friendship. Dogs have been by our side through it all, and this book tracks our common story from wild wolves in ancient civilizations to modern-day breeds, highlighting famous pooches of the past and present along the way.

My Thoughts
I feel as though I need to make a confession first. Please don't hate me, but I am not exactly what you might call a dog lover.  I like most dogs just fine and I would never wish harm on any animal, but I am not the kind of person who goes crazy when they see a dog. So if Sarah Albee can make me interested in a book all about dogs, you know it has to be good. 
Boy, has she done her research! Readers will learn a ton about the history of the 4-legged friends in this book. There are nine chapters organized chronologically from a WAY long time ago BC to present day. Each chapter is broken into small sections with just a few paragraphs, each accompanied by a photograph. The back matter includes a bibliography, index, places to visit and how to say "bow-wow" in many languages. 
I can see readers pausing to share information they are learning from this comprehensive volume. It would make a great addition to any library, and, of course, a great gift for the dog lover in your life. 

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