Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pipsie Nature Detective: The Lunchnapper by Rick DeDonato

Pipsie Nature Detective: The Lunchnapper 
by Rick DeDonato
Illustrated by Tracy Bishop
Published April, 2016
by Two Lions
Review copy provided by Blueslip Media

Goodreads Summary
Pipsie and her turtle friend, Alfred, are on the best school tripever—a nature scavenger hunt! The team who finds “Seven Wonders of Nature” first wins. But that isn’t all Pipsie and Alfred have to find. Someone has stolen their PB&Js!

The search is on for the lunch that left, and soon Pipsie and Alfred are following animal tracks and discovering deer, birds, and even some beavers. Can Pipsie make this mystery historyand finish the scavenger hunt? And hopefully before lunchtime, because Alfred is one hungry turtle!

My Thoughts
I read the first Pipsie book last April and was thrilled to be asked to read the second. Pipsie is a smart, resourceful nature detective who works to solve mysteries, with her sidekick turtle Alfred, while gently teaching the reader about nature. In this book Pipsie and Alfred use deer and beaver tracks, and their nature knowledge to solve the mystery of who has pilfered their lunch. Young readers will be happy to tag along as they also try to figure out who took the lunch. I hope there are many more Pipsie books to come. 

The illustrations are very sweet and the animals are adorable! Each page has colorful illustrations. Illustrator Tracy Bishop uses different perspectives and shapes to add variety and interest to her illustrations. 

Kids will be begging to have their own nature scavenger hunt after reading Pipsie, Nature Detective: The Lunchnapper! I would recommend it for ages 3-7! 

Rick DeDonato started writing and drawing storybooks for his two kids, Alexis and Matt, when they were little. They’re grown now, but Rick is still creating stories. He is the author of Pipsie, Nature Detective: The Disappearing Caterpillar, illustrated by Tracy Bishop. When he’s not dreaming up new adventures for Pipsie, he’s an award-winning creative director in advertising. Born in New Jersey, he now lives in Wilmington, Delaware, with Nancy McAleer; their two dogs, Tugger and Nacho; and their turtle, Alfred E. Turtle.

Tracy Bishop won an art contest in kindergarten, and she’s been creating art ever since. A graduate of San Jose State University, she is also the illustrator of Not the Quitting Kind by Sarra J. Roth and Pipsie, Nature Detective: The Disappearing Caterpillar by Rick DeDonato. She lives in San Jose, California, where she is inspired on a daily basis by her son, husband, and a hairy dog named Harry.

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