Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Review of Same is Lame by Jimmy Vee

Same is Lame
by Jimmy Vee
Illustrated by Mike Motz
Edited by Allen J. Venezio
Published 2014
Atlas Press
32 Pages
Picture Book
Review copy provided by New Shelves Distribution

Goodreads Summary
"It is your uniqueness that's really the seed. Embrace it! Exploit it! And you will Succeed."
Little Jimmy is a small guy with a BIG mission... help people realize how special they really are.
Why is everyone trying so hard to fit in when there is so much uniqueness to celebrate?
Jump in and follow the miniature ringmaster through his circus-inspired world of weird, where normal is ordinary, and ordinary is boring.
In these fun-filled pages you'll discover what makes you unique and why being different is actually cool.
So hurry, hurry! Come one, come all! Step right up. Kids of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome and special in Little Jimmy's wondrous and wacky world.

Read this book and prepare to be amazed at what you see in the mirror the next time you take a look!

My Thoughts
In real life, Jimmy Vee is known as the "five foot high marketing guy" and has written several successful books about marketing. He is also a creative person who dabbles in magic, music and ventriloquism. The message in this book is the universal "You can do anything you set your mind to" message. Little Jimmy takes conditions often thought of as disabilities or differences and shines a spotlight on the positive possibilities. The story is narrated by Little Jimmy in fun, but sometimes awkward rhyming text. The illustrations are big, often silly and the pages are filled with color.  

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