Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Review of Nanny X by Madelyn Rosenberg

Nanny X 
by Madelyn Rosenberg
Published 2014 by Holiday House
106 Pages
Middle Grade Fiction
Ages 7-10
Review copy provided by the publisher

Siblings Ali, Jake and their baby sister Eliza are getting a new Nanny. When Nanny X arrives wearing her motorcycle jacket and mirrored sunglasses, already seeming to know all about each of them, they quickly suspect that this is no ordinary nanny. Their suspicions are soon confirmed. 
The mayor in their town wants to turn the town park into a space for a factory. At the town meeting, Jake's friend, Stinky, is accused of throwing a rock that knocked out the mayor. Then Nanny X starts acting very peculiar, talking to a diaper. Nanny X finally confesses that she is part of a secret organization called N.A.P. (Nanny Action Patrol). Using spy gadgets including a sippy cup that allows them to eavesdrop on conversations and a bib that is actually an interactive map, along with their own bravery can the kids help Nanny X save the park from becoming a factory and get Stinky out of jail? 

My Thoughts
Nanny X is a fun read. At only 109 pages (without pictures), it is accessible for many middle grade readers. Children will enjoy trying to solve the mystery along with Jake, Ali and Nanny X. The spy gadgets that Nanny X uses will make them look at diaper bags quite differently. The book also follows the rocky relationship between grouchy older sister Ali and her younger brother Jake. This relationship changes as the two courageously work together toward a common goal. There is plenty of danger, action, fun and surprises in Nanny X

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