Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Must-Read-In-2014 October Update

Back in January I decided to join fellow blogger friends Carrie Gelson from There's a Book for That, Linda Baie from Teacher Dance and Maria Selke from Maria's Melange for the Must Read in 2014 Challenge. Our Must Read lists consist of books we want to make sure we read` this year. In my case the list was a combination of books I have been meaning to read and books I don't want to miss.

I can not believe that we made our lists ten months ago! Time sure does fly. 
Here is my October update.
Well, I have read ONE more book from my list. 
I have read ten books out of my 14 Must Reads so far.

I am very much hoping to get to the last 4 books in the next couple of months. 

Click here to see my original list. 


  1. I just wrote a small paragraph with my slice, Gigi, haven't read any for a while. Inside Out & Back Again is good. Guess we'd all better look at our lists again!

  2. Oh, I hope you get to Seven Stories Up. I loved that one. 4 more is certainly doable. Have a great week!

  3. I loved Every Day After - a beautiful historical fiction story. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. I didn't put any PD books on my list this year but might next year. I want to read 7 Stories Up but figure I need to read Bigger than a Breadbox first. I think Every Day After will be on my #MustReadin2015 list because I don't see myself getting to it any time soon. Though you never know what will jump off the shelf at you. I still have 5 books to go on my list and very little motivation to read them. Too much YA! I will know better next time and put more middle grade on my list!