Sunday, August 10, 2014

August Picture Book 10 for 10-2014

A special thank you to Cathy Mere and Mandy Robek for hosting this fun picture book event.  To read more about the August Picture Book 10 for 10 click here.  Please visit Cathy's blog: Reflect & Refine: Building a Learning Community and Mandy's blog: Enjoy and Embrace Learning.

When selecting books for the August 10 for 10, participants must choose ten picture books they just couldn't live without for whatever reason. 

I LOVE reading picture books to my fourth graders. It is fun to see them still excited to hear these stories. They especially enjoy humorous books. This year I decided to focus on books my fourth graders just love because they are so funny. These are also the books the students grab to reread. 

Ten Books that Make my Fourth Graders Crack Up

by Devin Scillion
Illustrated by Tim Bowers
Goldfish is lonely in his bowl and wishes for some friends. Soon his bowl is over-crowed with new bowl mates and he longs for his lonely days. 

by Peter Brown
Mr. Tiger is tired of being so proper and decides to get in touch with his "wild side". He removes his clothing which alone, makes them gasp with delight. It's fun to watch him get back to nature. 

by Tom Angleberger
Illustrated by Cece Bell
Ever wonder where the song Yankee Doodle came from? Well, you won't find the answer in this book. Turns out that Yankee Doodle is a bit cranky and never wanted to go to town in the first place. 

by Jon Klassen

by Jon Klassen
Both of these books are so fun to read aloud. My students love them because the main character is unaware of what is actually happening in the story. 

by David Ezra Stein
Yes, this classic kids' joke is a picture book. Little chicken keeps interrupting with funny questions and comments as his father tries to read him a story. 

by Drew Dewalt
Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers
I LOVE this picture book. The crayons are fed up with  the way they are being used. They each write a letter to the little boy who uses them stating their particular gripes. Red feels he is used too often and Peach wants to be used for something other than skin color. This books makes them laugh and look at how they use crayons in a whole different way. 

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Litchenheld
Exclamation mark feels like the other punctuation marks are more important. Although he tries to be more like them, he eventually realizes that he is special because no other mark can do what he does. This book is filled with puns that make older kiddos chuckle. 

by Marla Frazee
The humor in this book is a bit tongue-in-cheek. James and Eamon are supposed to be enjoying a week at Nature Camp during the day and staying at Eamon's grandparents' house at night. They spend the week eating waffles, lounging and playing video games. 

Any Pigeon Book
by Mo Willems
Pigeon appeals to many age groups. Older students enjoy watching Pigeon get in trouble and love when he gets worked up and yells.

So there they are, ten books that my fourth graders love for sheer fun and silliness. What books make your students laugh?


  1. Terrific idea for the list, Gigi. I adore most all, will look for those I don't know. Interrupting Chicken is just hilarious! Thanks!

  2. Wonderful list! You made me think about the titles that make my college students laugh--many of the same ones you included. Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great was a big success this year, too, and also everything Elephant & Piggie. I'm looking forward to getting some more Bob Shea books to share with them. I thought Don't Play with Your Food was hilarious!

  3. Many of these choices were favorite crack ups for my third graders too, especially the This is Not My Hat. I will have to check out Exclamation Mark - we had an awesome author visit from Tom Lichtenheld a few years back. Thanks for the laughs!

  4. I Love all these books. In first grade, it's funny when they giggle before I do. With many of these, I use them as opportunities to build that sense of humor. But I love it when they start to giggle before I stop to explain what's so funny! Great list! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great theme! Jon Klassen's books are SOOOO funny! I don't know Memoirs of a Goldfish. I need to look for that one!

  6. Laughter is sometimes underrated so so glad you are celebrating it here! I just read Two Boys Have . . . and yes, an absolute winner! Lots of fun on your list!

  7. Gigi,
    Laughter is always the best medicine. Every community can use some titles to laugh together over. You have some great titles here.