Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday-Zombie Makers:True Stories of Nature's UNDEAD

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by Rebecca L Johnson
Published 2013 by Millbrook Press
48 Pages
This book is on the 2014-2015 Maine Student Book Award Nominees

With 48 pages and a lot of text, this is not really a picture book so I am breaking the rules a bit here. However it offers some interesting, if not downright disturbing, information that older kids are sure to enjoy.

Goodreads Summary
Examines creatures that can take over the bodies and brains of other creatures and turns them into slaves, from a fly-enslaving fungus to a cockroach-taming wasp.

My Thoughts
Ew, ew, ew! This book tackles a really disgusting topic. I really could have lived without knowing about some of the ways an animal's body can be taken over by fungus, viruses, and insects. There are real photos and "behind the science" facts to accompany each example. While I found it hard to read, many kids will LOVE it for the same reasons I found it disturbing. I know some of my fourth graders will be reading it with their friends as the information is just too gross not to share.  I recommend it for grades 4-8. 

This video is listed in the "More to Explore" section. After showing it, you won't be able to keep this book on the shelf. 


  1. Ew is right! Yuck! But some kids will go crazy over it. ;-) I love the title! I broke the rules today, too, since I reviewed The Port Chicago 50 - a long nonfiction book.

  2. This is definitely a book a group of my sixth graders will adoring reading and then grossing everyone out with. Thanks for sharing, Gigi.

  3. I wouldn't read it myself because I don't like gross stuff but I can see how this would appeal to people. But now I'm curious and want to read it myself!

  4. I know that there are several classes that will love all the 'ew', Gigi. Looks fun, gross, and informative!

  5. I loved reading this one and then sharing the most disgusting parts with anyone who ventured near me. :)

    It is super high on ickiness.

  6. I am sure there are a few boys that would love this! I haven't seen it yet, thanks for sharing the title :)

  7. Now this looks like a book that most boys would really enjoy reading! thanks for the heads-up on this one!

  8. Okay Absolute yuck factor. But we all know students who eat this stuff up (well not literally in this case I hope!)